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Land Clearing Services

If you are looking for excavation contractors and dump truck operators who offer excellent land clearing services, look no further than A & SJ Trucking, Inc.. Our land clearing services get tough terrain ready for development. We grade properties, remove heavy brush, and everything in between.

Work with us when you want results that exceed expectations. Request our services by calling (321) 215-1054 at your convenience.

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Let Us Handle the Land Clearing

Our work is foundational to countless projects. Custom home builders call us when they need to clear and grade a property to establish a foundation. Commercial developers request our services on a regular basis. And we are always helping out with heavy-duty landscaping projects.

We are the preferred earth movers in our community because of our full-service approach to the job.

Removing Trees, Rocks, and More

Not every piece of land is ready for immediate development. Before you can pour concrete or lay the foundation, you need to clear the land of trees, rocks, and anything that stands in the way. While it might be hard to manually remove these obstructions, our heavy-duty excavation and earth moving equipment make the process as straightforward as possible.

Grading Services

There is more to our job than simply eliminating obstructions from a property. We also go great lengths to level the ground after clearing away the tree stumps, sod, and brush, too.

We abide by the principles of our profession when grading the land. When we grade the land around a foundation, we make sure the land slopes away from the home. This is known as a "positive" slope, and it ensures that rainfall does not flow toward the building's foundation. When you want properly graded properties, we are the ones to work with.

Is it time to enlist the expertise of trained earth movers? If so, contact our land clearing company today. We love lending a hand to homeowners, developers, and everyone in between.

Complete Brush and Debris Removal

We do more than just mow brush, move earth, and grade lots. Our routinely serviced dump trucks allow us to also remove all the brush, trees, and rocks from your property without issue. Rest assured, we will not leave you with piles and piles of debris after we clear your property for the next stage of building. Our full-service approach makes us the first and only land clearing company you'll have to call. We are the haulers, movers, and heavy lifters you need to get the job done.

Speak with an Excavation Contractor

When it comes to land development and site work, our excavation experts are a cut above the rest. More than haulers and diggers, we clear obstructions from the land and grade it to perfection. We take everything from the prevailing land slope and the soil profile into consideration.

Would you like to speak with our land clearing and grading experts? We are just a phone call away. Dial (321) 215-1054 now to speak with one of our skilled contractors.